Swann Tracker Security Camera review: Is It Worth Your Attention?

A home security camera is a worthwhile investment and a useful purchase for those who are used to keeping everything under control. Keep an eye on your home, pets, and children while you’re away with the Swann Tracker security camera. It is the best option from a reliable manufacturer equipped with all the useful features that should be in a quality security camera so that nothing escapes from your eyes. In this article, we will do a detailed review of the features, design, and price of the Swann Tracker security camera so you can evaluate its features for yourself.

Swann Tracker Security Camera Price & Availability

You can buy this camera from the USA, UK, or Australia, for the best price of $80. But its availability is not limited to those three countries and is also available worldwide on commercial sites such as Swann and Amazon.

The price of this model is $10 more than the previous Swann Alert, and this is since the latter has no motion source detection feature.

Design Features

Swann security cameras in principle have a decent look and comfortable design. Swann Tracker is a small, compact camera, the height of which does not exceed 5 inches. Separately from the camera sold the main rod, which is very versatile and can rotate in any direction, its underside has a magnetic base, which means it can easily attach to metal surfaces and is securely fixed there. But if buying such a rod was not in your plans, in the set there are magnetic plates, screws, and dowels to attach the camera to the wall.

The camera is connected to electricity via the micro USB port which is located on the back of the camera, just under the speakers. On the back, you can also find the reset button. On the side of the camera, there is a slot with a 32 GB microSD card that stores all the records from the camera, if you find it too small you can easily buy a card with a bigger capacity. In front, the camera has built-in infrared LEDs and sensors for night vision and a microphone for sound recording. On top of the camera is a small light that lights up red when recording and blue during the initial setup.

The performance of the camera is pretty high at 2.4 GHz, so if you have low-level broadband connected, the camera might be a little jerky.

Recording quality

The camera has great performance, as it has a 180-degree wide-angle lens that reflects all the colors in full HD quality. Videos to watch will be available in a dedicated app, which has a choice of:

  • Full picture window
  • Window with a close-up of motion, which the camera tracks and zooms in on by itself

The night mode is particularly pleasing because you can see clear images from more than 10 meters away, plus the integration with artificial intelligence like Google Assistant allows you to view the camera image from a compatible smart display like Google. Nest Hub.

You can control the motion sensitivity of the camera, for example, if you leave your house unattended for a long time you can make the siren respond to every movement, it’s a great way to scare off burglars.